How to Adjust Holiday Messaging to Stand Out

As you gear up for the holiday season, your company will face stiff competition. Keep your holiday messaging unique and relevant in order to stand out and connect with your potential customers.

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce website, it’s important to create relevant messages that connect with your audience while still providing new and memorable content. One way to do that is through gratitude. Thanking your consumers for choosing your brand, congratulating new customers and appreciating loyal followers can be excellent ways to improve your company’s reputation.

From little messages of thanks to extravagant gifts and advertising, this form of holiday thanks can be a great way to promote your message, create a memorable marketing campaign and attract new customers. Don’t create a message that is overly generic or insincere, but craft a carefully worded message of gratitude and find the best channel to share it with your loyal customers and recent consumers of your products.

Another clever way to create holiday messaging is to meld it with your company’s consistent branding. Don’t go over-the-top with holiday-themed graphics, messages, and content, but keep your consistency and show your customers how your specific branding translates into the holiday season. This will help create a memorable, year-round experience for your consumers.

Just like your advertising throughout the year, your holiday advertising should be a value add to your customers. Don’t settle for generic content that clutters inboxes or is out-of-touch with your customers. Add value by informing, inspiring or assisting your potential customers as they navigate this busy and exciting season.

Too many holiday messages focus on making a sale. While many companies enjoy increased sales over this period, consider crafting messages that appeal to the emotions, a sense of community or simply inform your customers. By creating an unusual message that isn’t a hard sales pitch, you may gain the respect and appreciation of customers who are tired of aggressive marketing strategies throughout this time of year.

From holiday-specific products to year-long services, create a strong branding and holiday messaging campaign today for all your company’s products and services. Take advantage of this busy season to create memorable, inspiring and gracious messages that connect with your audience and promote your brand in a different light. It may be time to create a big event to thank your loyal customers, or it could be time to inspire new customers and create brand recognition. Either way, enjoy the holiday season and keep your customers happy and connected this year.

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