Financing for Food and Beverage Production

Receive the funding you need for your food and beverage production. Whether you’re looking for restaurant financing or you need funding for your food manufacturing plant, it can be difficult to receive the financing necessary to grow your business. Learn more about your options and select the financing that fits your specific situation.

There are many loan options available to finance your restaurant or food and beverage production facility. First, traditional bank loans can provide you with the long-term funding necessary to start your business or expand your production. While bank loans require length commitments and high credit scores, you can typically rely on competitive interest rates and reasonable monthly payments throughout the term.

For companies just getting started, SBA loans are a compelling way to reach your financial targets. Receive a similar amount and term or loan as a conventional bank loan, but enjoy greater access. Because SBA loans are backed in part by the Small Business Administration, you can enjoy an easier application, lower credit requirements and the flexibility you need. Use your SBA loan to secure necessary inventory, purchase equipment or even finance the acquisition of your property.

If these common loans don’t offer you the flexibility you need, seek funding from alternative financing institutions. An alternative loan from a private institution, such as a bridge loan, an asset-backed loan or more, can be an excellent way to avoid lengthy applications or credit checks. An alternative loan generally doesn’t require the same stringency of credit check, and many offer you a loan with no credit check at all.

Of course, these benefits come at a price. Alternative loans typically have shorter loan periods, higher interest rates and have less financing available. It’s a great choice if you’re considering a short-term loan to access financing for a quick investment or to purchase necessary inventory, but isn’t suited for long-term financing.

If you’re looking for short-term options, a cash advance can be the boost your food production company or restaurant needs. Instead of borrowing money from a lender with no collateral, borrow from your future credit card sales. This provides stability for your lender and creates a flexible, percentage-based payment plan.

From short-term inventory purchases to real estate financing, choose the restaurant financing option that suits your needs and covers your expenses. Take advantage of the diverse options and create a financial plan that works for your business and keeps you moving forward.

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